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1st Latin American Fintech Soft Landing Expedition to Madrid

November 2019


Invest In Madrid and Finnovating hold the 1st Latin American Fintech Soft Landing Expedition to Madrid

Invest in Madrid is the regional office for the promotion and attraction of foreign investment in the Community of Madrid.

The purpose of the institution is to provide service to investors interested in installing or expanding their business in any of the 179 municipalities in the region, accompanying them throughout the life cycle of the project.

Finnovating is the leading open innovation platform in Fintech ecosystems. It helps corporations accelerate their digital transformation through external innovation through collaboration with the best startups and scaleups in the Fintech, Insurtech, Wealthtech, Proptech, Regtech and Legaltech ecosystems. 

Finnovating optimizes and streamlines the investment and integration of X-Tech startups and scale-ups thanks to its deep knowledge and continuous contact with the ecosystem. 

Fintech Leaders

Antonio Arancibia 



Sebastián Rocha

Co Founder

Borja Marcos

Country Manager

Alberto Falcón


image (5).png

Alejandro Martínez 


Eduardo Montaño

Board Member

Lucas Ensinck

Country Manager

image (1).png

Matías Friedberg

Co Founder

image (1).png

Agustín Esteban Aguilar 


Federico González

Country Manager

Alexander Chiu Werner


Jany Niz


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