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Welcome to the FinTech Unconference Madrid 2023

Boosting innovation and the development of the financial sector


FinTech Unconference Madrid 2023, organised by Finnovating, is the largest face-to-face and exclusive meeting focused 100% on networking that will be attended by the top 150 CEOs and Founders of leading FinTechs, Chief Innovation Officers and C-Levels of Corporates and VCs, as well as Regulators and Associations.


The Unconference defines the future of the sector and promotes its innovation and development through the discussion of challenges, opportunities and trends in the different areas that matter most to its participants.


The objective is to develop the ecosystem in a collaborative way among the leading players in the sector, generating valuable insights for their business and fostering positive synergies and other opportunities.


The day will be conducted in Spanish and there will be three workshop sessions with three simultaneous discussion topics.


About Finnovating


Finnovating is the first AI Matching as a Service platform in the X-Tech sector (FinTech, InsurTech, WealthTech, PropTech, LegalTech, RegTech & Cibersecurity). Our goal is to enable all players in the ecosystem to discover, connect & collaborate in an agile, digital and scalable way.


To do so, we have created a unique ecosystem with search channels, communication and innovation spaces specially developed to generate collaboration, business and investment opportunities.

- Companies from 125 countries

- 1000+ new companies monthly

- 12,374 companies are doing business inside the platform

- 53000+ matching chats

- 12MM interactions



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FinTech Unconference Floor Plan


9:50 AM - 10:25 AM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speakers: Treezor | Trébol Bank | Bolttech | Signeblock | SlimPay | Swan

16:40 PM - 17:30 PM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speakers: Incofisa | MrMilú | Novakrop |  AppinIT |  Grupo Afinance

Welcome Coffee

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Madrid  City Hall Opening

9:30 AM - 9:35 AM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speaker: Faustino Díaz Fortuny (Madrid City Hall)

FinTech Trends & Insights & Kpis - Finnovating

9:35 AM - 9:40 AM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speaker: Rodrigo García De La Cruz (Finnovating)

How Finnovating Is Helping The Ecosystem

9:40 AM - 9:50 AM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speakers: Aura Pay (Jesús Guevara - CEO & Founder)

                 CMS (Jaime Bofill - Partner)  

                 Invest in Bogotá (Isabella Muñoz - Executive Director)

Top Fintech Solutions

Workshop Session - "Will AI end the current world? From ChatGPT to MatchGPT"

10:25 AM - 11:30 AM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speakers: Rodrigo García De La Cruz (Finnovating)

Networking Coffee

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

3 Workshop Sessions

12:00 PM - 13:15 PM

Upper Floors - Sky Truss Hall

Speakers: "Success stories in Fintech internationalization" - Finnovating + MIA +  Invest In Bogotá  (Hall 1)
                  "The upcoming FinTech Regulation" - Finnovating + AEFI + CMS (Hall 2)
                  "The new frontiers of digital onboarding" - Finnovating + Camerfirma  (Hall 3)

3 Workshop Sessions

13:15 PM - 14:30 PM

Upper Floors - Sky Truss Hall

Speakers: "From FinTech to Embbeded Finance" - Finnovating + Dibanka  (Hall 1)
                  "The new forms of Matching between startups and corporations" - Finnovating + EY (Hall 2)
                  "From Insurtech to Embbeded Insurance" - Finnovating + Bolttech + Orange Seguros (Hall 3)

Networking Lunch

14:30 PM - 15:45 PM

Upper Floors - Sky Truss Hall

Top Ecosystem Leaders

15:54 PM - 16:05 PM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speakers: Camerfirma | Dibanka

The Vision Of Investors

16:05 PM - 16:40 PM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

Speakers: Nauta Capital | Faraday Venture Partners | Seaya Ventures

Market Trends (Ecosystem Leaders & Service Providers)

Event Conclusions

17:30 PM - 17:45 PM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

 Matching Chill Party & Awards

17:45 PM - 21:00 PM

Second Floor - LED Hall (Main hall)

FinTech Unconference Awards

Finnovating launched the FinTech Awards 2023 to support FinTech entrepreneurs that contribute to the financial, social, and economic development of the ecosystem.


The aim of the awards ceremony is to promote entrepreneurship and innovative initiatives as elements of progress and to highlight the important role of FinTech in terms of innovation and digital transformation in the financial sector.


The FinTech Awards will be bestowed upon their deserving recipients at the end of the FinTech Unconference after the difficult deliberation of the members of the jury. All participants of the Unconference are eligible members to win the awards.


Ready to discover the winners?

FinTech Solutions 


Founded in 2019, Swan is a European FinTech and leader in embedded finance. Swan’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is the easiest way for companies to embed banking features. Via Swan’s simple APIs, European companies can integrate banking services (accounts, cards, and payments) quickly and easily into their own product. Swan is a Mastercard principal member and a licensed financial institution, regulated by the ACPR.  



They are the first Neobank created by Latino immigrants for Latino immigrants. Their main objective is to reduce the number of Hispanic American immigrants residing in Europe who have problems managing their money due to their immigration status. They aim to enable them to open an account with a passport, eliminating friction and communication barriers. They strive to communicate with them in a way that resonates, understanding their needs and the challenges they face, while providing assistance and access to microcredits.


Bolttech is an international InsurTech with a mission to build the world’s leading, technology-enabled ecosystem for protection and insurance. bolttech serves customers in 30+ markets across North America, Asia and Europe. 


With a full suite of digital and data-driven capabilities, Bolttech powers connections between insurers, distributors, and customers to make it easier and more efficient to buy and sell insurance and protection products. 



Technology company THAT offers qualified trust solutions under the EIDAS regulation through electronic signature platforms, electronic certification, electronic notifications, video identification, and blockchain traceability.



SlimPay is a leading FinTech in recurring payments, with more than 10 years of experience at a European level. We are the first Account to Account payment gateway that combines direct debit with the innovation of Open Banking, creating the perfect solution for recurring payments. We simplify and transform the collection process in different sectors through digital subscriptions, guaranteeing the first payment and verifying the authenticity of the client's bank details. In addition, we are part of a solid ecosystem of strategic partners that allows us to offer a wide range of complementary services to boost any business.


Launched in 2016, Treezor is the European leader in Banking-as-a-Service with a presence in France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, and the Iberian Peninsula. It allows any company to offer financial services to its end customers and/or optimize their financial flows by integrating banking functionalities directly into their day-to-day operations. Treezor holds Payment Institution and Electronic Money licenses authorized to operate in 25 countries. In 2019, Treezor was acquired by Société Générale, and in 2022, Mastercard also became a participant in the acquisition. The company focuses on supporting the growth of unicorns and deploying solutions for corporates.

Ecosystem Leaders


Camerfirma is the main eIDAS qualified certification authority in Spain, with a presence in Latam. Since 2018, Camerfirma has been owned by Infocert, the largest certification authority in Europe, and the Spanish Chambers of Commerce. The group, consisting of Infocert and Camerfirma, specializes in developing sustainable and innovative digitization solutions tailored to the clients' needs. They prioritize the highest standards of security and compliance, ensuring a simple user experience and full legal validity.

The group's unique proposition in the market lies in its ability to meet the specific regulatory requirements of the countries where they operate while maintaining a strong international focus.


CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo, with more than 150 lawyers in Madrid and Barcelona and more than 60 years of history, is one of the most prestigious firms in the Spanish market, whose highly recognized roots, positioning and knowledge allow it to offer its clients innovative solutions in all areas of law. Since 2005, it has been part of the CMS organization.


With a disruptive approach, the CMS FinTech area focuses on driving the growth of this industry by advising both startups and already consolidated scaleups in this area. In the last five years, the members of the team have participated in the most innovative projects in the Spanish financial sector, providing regulatory and commercial advice, making it one of the most recognized teams at a national level in this area.


Super Web DiBanka is a digital solution that offers employees and pensioners of both state and private companies exclusive benefits at no cost. Its primary objective is to promote well-being and ensure social, digital, and financial inclusion.

Through Super Web DiBanka, users gain access to various areas of experience, including health, finances, insurance, entertainment, and more. Currently, the platform has a user base of over 200,000 individuals who benefit from the services provided by DiBanka.



CNP Assurances, Branch in Spain, is a part of the CNP Assurances Group, a leading personal insurance provider in Europe and Latin America with a rich history of over 170 years in the insurance industry. The company specializes in life and payment protection business, both in direct insurance and reinsurance. It offers tailored insurance distribution solutions that align with the business models of its partners.

As a responsible insurer and investor, CNP Assurances is dedicated to making a positive impact and providing a wide range of solutions that protect and support individuals throughout their life journey. The company strives to be useful to as many people as possible by offering valuable insurance products and services.


EY (Ernst & Young) is a renowned global leader in providing a wide range of professional services, including audit, advisory, tax, strategy, and transaction advisory services. The company is committed to delivering high-quality information and services that contribute to building confidence in capital markets and economies worldwide. 


EY focuses on developing exceptional leaders who collaborate as a team to fulfill the commitments made to stakeholders. With each action they take, EY strives to make progress towards their purpose of "Building a better working world" for their professionals, clients, and society as a whole.


Mastercard is a technology company in the global payments industry that connects consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments, businesses and organizations around the world, making their payments secure, simple and accessible.

Mastercard provides a wide range of payment solutions and services, including cyber and intelligence solutions, as well as other services that provide proprietary information, based on aggregated and anonymous consumer and merchant data. Mastercard works in more than 210 countries and territories building a sustainable world with priceless possibilities for all.


Service Providers


The company specializes in creating value for businesses through the design and development of impactful digital solutions. They recognize collaboration as an omnichannel approach, providing comprehensive support to the business. With analytical precision, they work on various aspects to optimize digital investments within the specific ecosystem of the organization.


The goal is to maximize the effectiveness of digital initiatives and deliver tangible results that align with the business objectives.



Novakorp has a vision of deciphering customer behavior, and they provide assistance to businesses in standing out in a highly competitive market. They achieve this by revolutionizing the business through uncovering the hidden value of data.

To kickstart this process, Novakorp focuses on implementing a scalable data factory. Through their transformation method, they rapidly develop solutions that are closely aligned with the business strategy. Their aim is to ensure that these solutions have a significant impact and generate a favorable return on investment for the client.



Appinit specializes in building Cloud Native Solutions, assisting clients in modernizing their applications and guiding them on their journey to the cloud. They offer Cloud Services and delegated administration of IT services.

As Microsoft Partners, they hold the Gold category in Cloud Platform and the Silver category in Application Development and Application Integration. This partnership demonstrates their expertise and proficiency in leveraging Microsoft technologies.

With a wealth of experience, Appinit excels in developing web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as system integration solutions. Their focus industries include Financial, FinTech, Retail, and Government sectors.

Appinit currently serves clients in Colombia, Panama, Italy, and Spain, providing their specialized services and solutions in these regions.


aFinance is an expert consultancy in all types of operations within the financial sector and has more than 20 years of experience. Its team of more than 150 professionals specializes in the management and negotiation of mortgage loans and debt refinancing, offering the best conditions so that the client can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.


Its team of experts distributed in 4 offices in Spain is committed to providing a personalized and transparent service, ensuring that you obtain the best financial option adapted to your needs and objectives.


The group of Spanish companies is dedicated to the field of risk and fraud investigation and analysis, boasting over 40 years of industry experience.

Incofisa Digital, as the R+D+i (Research, Development, and Innovation) company within the group, combines their extensive know-how and expertise to offer top-notch advice and digital solutions. They leverage their digital scoring capabilities for individuals and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to effectively prevent risks and detect fraud for their collaborators. The aim is to provide the best possible guidance and solutions in order to mitigate potential risks and fraudulent activities.

Top FinTech Solutions 2023

Luis Dominguez - Head of Insurance Exchange Europe.png
Luis Dominguez
Head of Insurance
Exchange Europe
Julia Turbany
VP Sales Spain 

Jean-François Bregeon
Head of Sales Iberia

® (9).png
Francesco Crema - Country Manager Spain & Italy.jpg
Harold Correa

Antonio Pinedo Hoyvik


Francesco Crema

Country Manager

Spain & Italy


Special guests

Oscar Sanz
Financing & Investor Relations Manager
Lucía Bango Junquera
Market Conduct Area
Leyre Celdrán
Business Manager
Francisco José del Olmo
Deputy Director responsible for Fintech and Cybersecurity

Faustino Díaz Fortuny  

Investment and Talent Attraction Assistant Manager

fintech madrid (4).png
Seábstien Alvarez.JPG
Sebastián Alvarez
Emma Naismith
Regional Director
Mariano Francisco

Executive Director
Jose Manuel Marques
Head of the Financial
Innovation Division

Maria Isabella
Executive Director


Top Investors 2023

Shokiba Mukhitdinova - Senior Scout VC specialized in Fintech.jfif
IMG_0946 - copia.JPG
Jaime Fernández Cerezo - VC & Open Innovation Coordinator.jfif
Jaime Fernández Cerezo
VC & Open Innovation Coordinator
Shokiba Mukhitdinova 
VC Principal
Gonzalo Tradacete Gallart
Aris Xenofontos
Borja Breña
Logo Faraday TIFF (2).tiff
Sonia Alegre
Spain Director
Dhiren Chatlani

Top FinTech Leaders 2023

Top FinTech CEOs 2023

Mauricio Chacón
download (23).png
Francesco Crema - Country Manager Spain & Italy.jpg
Francesco Crema
Country Manager
Spain & Italy

Antonio Pinedo Hoyvik

Harold Correa

Jean-François Bregeon

Head of Sales Iberia

download (12).png
Luis Dominguez - Head of Insurance Exchange Europe.png
IMG_2648 copy.JPG
appinit 2.png
Luis Dominguez
Head of Insurance
Exchange Europe

Carlos Iván Vargas

Investor-Co-Founder and Advisor

Felix Laencuentra
Jesus Javier Guevara Monjes
CEO & Founder
Julia Turbany
VP Sales Spain 
® (9).png
Josep Arroyo
Andrea Arcangeli
Founder & President of the Board
Beatriz Millan
B2B & Partnerships
descarga (5).png
Paulo Paulek
President & Founder
Sergio Antón Sanz
download (12).png
download (17).jpeg
Foto VIctor camisa blanca logo.jpg
Juan Jose Gómez López
Miguel Arias
Víctor Gómez Rujas
CEO & Co-Founder
Guillermo Estévez de Cominges
General Director
Diego Dal Cero
CEO & Founder
descarga (5).jpg
download (34).png
LOGO Gradual_IV_AF-01 2023.png
descarga (6).png
Kevin Canova_Novakorp.jpg
maria luke.png
Juancho Arregui - CEO & Co-Founder.jfif
Maria Luke
Juancho Arregui 
CEO & Co-Founder
Javier Gispert
Co-Founder & CRO
Cati Salvá
Kevin Cánova
Co-Founder & CEO
Recurso 20.png
logo brickfy.jfif
MQ HT_X020015.jpg
Miguel Quintas
Managing Director &
_parcela já_compras_EN-01.jpg
Abel Navajas
Founder & CEO
Ludovico Rossi
Pablo Cervera
Founder & CEO
Roberto Morales Trujillo
logos final koinonos-2023 - fino-02.png
Giovanni Buono - CEO.jpg
Giovanni Buono
Fabio Colella
Ignacio Santos 2.jpeg
Ignacio Santos
Foto perfil.JPG
Nicolas Rama
Head of Sales